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Enterprise anti-virus protection solution

Updated on 29.07.2013

Nowadays, enterprises and organisations (regardless of their scale) have become targets for hackers' cyberattaks. What are requirements for security of the local network and common mistakes when organising protection? How does a user have to behave in case of virus-related incident? In our course we compiled the most important and relevant information about it.

  • Target user group: system administrators and information security specialists.
  • Required trainee qualification: skills to install and remove programs, basic knowledge of companies and organisations information security and of local network organisation.
1. Download the training course and study its materials.

2. Take the course exam online whenever convenient for you, and receive an electronic certificate (example). You must register to take the exam.

This is an example of the electronic certificate you will receive after you successfully pass the exam.

Add the certificate to your CV—it will be a huge plus for you in the eyes of any employer.

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